Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions about your loan with RANLife Home Loans and would like to speak to someone, please give us a call at (877) 845-2854. Our team members are available Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm ET and Saturday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm ET to help you.

Transfer Customers

Hello Transfer Customers, Nice to meet you

Welcome to RANLife Home Loans! We're really happy you're here. If you haven't noticed already, we are a different kind of company. We speak a different language. We do business a different way. And we are on a mission to help Grow Happiness.

We're here to make dealing with your mortgage (and all that goes with it) as easy, stress-free, and as happy an experience as possible.

Why was I transferred?

So, you originated your loan with another lender, and then you were notified that you were being transferred to RANLife Home Loans …what's that all about? Rest assured, we're going to explain the nitty-gritty of what it means to have your mortgage transferred and what that means for the future of your mortgage.

First things first, your previous servicer transferred your loan to RANLife Home Loans, and that means you've been 'transferred to us.' RANLife Home Loans is your loan servicer now! You probably didn't know this, but it's common for one servicer to sell mortgages to another servicer. Your loan was absolutely not sold because of anything you did.

And now that you're with us, we want you to stay with us. We're going to show you that being a RANLife Home Loans customer is awesome. We're 100% your partner in this. And like with any long-term relationship, we're going to do everything we can to make sure you're treated right.

What’s my Transfer Timeframe?

Hopefully, your previous servicer sent you a letter of notification that included your official transfer date.

If you didn't receive a letter with an official transfer date, call your previous servicer and they should be able to help.

Once your loan is in our system, (usually no more than 7 business days after the transfer date), you can register and create an account. If you're not already logged in, get started by clicking here.

Within 15 business days after your transfer date, you'll receive a welcome letter from RANLife Home Loans. The welcome letter will include your new loan number, RANLife Home Loans contact details and other information you'll want to know.

Will there be changes to my loan?

Now that we are your new mortgage servicer, you might be asking yourself, "What else is going to change?"

The honest answer is not a whole lot.

The terms of your loan won't change. Your interest rate, monthly principal and interest payment, and repayment timeframe will stay exactly the same to what they were with your previous servicer. (Unless you have an adjustable-rate mortgage, in which case your interest rate will be subject to change under the terms of your mortgage. But don't worry, if that's the case, we'll notify you ahead of time to let you know when and how your rate will change.)

News Flash:

  • During the first 60 days after your transfer, you will not accrue late fees or negative reporting to the credit bureaus.
  • For 60 days after your transfer date, your previous servicer will forward us any payments you make to them. (After that, you're sending payments directly to RANLife Home Loans
  • We'll continue any workout or modification plan you had with your previous servicer. Please allow us up to 30 days from your transfer date for us to get all the paperwork.
  • Were you in the middle of selling or refinancing your home when the transfer occurred? Once your information is in our system, you can request a payoff quote.
  • Did you have an escrow account? We'll continue making your tax and insurance payments without missing a beat.

Transfer next steps

It’s going to be smooth sailing when it comes to basic account management like payments, statements, and escrow. Below, we’ve provided you with all the details you’ll need to get your account up and running with RANLife Home Loans. We think you're going to be pretty happy about how easy it is for you to manage it all.

Register online

About 7 business days after your official transfer date, you can register to get access to your account online. To register, you can use your new RANLife Home Loans loan number or the loan number you had with your previous servicer.

How to make payments

We've got several payment options, and we're sure you'll find the one that works best for you.

See our Payment Methods FAQ for more information.

I was paying my previous servicer with Autopay. Now what?

No problem, you can pay us with Autopay too.

Were you paying with your bank's "Bill Pay" service? All you have to do is change the 'payee' information to:

RANLife Home Loans
ATTN: Cashiering
3138 E. Elwood Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Autopay can also be set up by enrolling on or requesting our ACH form with a rep by calling 877-845-2854.

What about my statements?

Your first RANLife Home Loans statement should arrive within 30 business days of your transfer date.

What happens with my Escrow Account?

Did you have an escrow account with your previous servicer? If you did, it was transferred to us with your loan. Your escrow payments will continue exactly as before.

Don't have an escrow account but want to start one? Just give us a call at 877-845-2854. You can view your escrow balance under 'My Loan' on the upper right corner of your account page. To login click here.